Laser Cutting in Jewelry Design


Laser Cutting  in Jewelry Design ,Laser Cutting in small batcher


Laser Cutting in Jewelry Design

Quick and Precise Cutting of Pieces with Complex Contours

Laser cutting as a software based, easy to automate cutting method, is especially suited for the production of complex parts in small-batch and large-batch productions. The high precision and small kerf width of the laser cut (smaller than 20 microns in fine sheet material) allow very small radii for the production of filigree and complex design shapes for even very small components. Minimum burr formation occur on the cut edges so that post-processing is negligible.

Depending on the laser type, all commonly used precious metal alloys and also many other materials such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, German silver, copper, wood or acrylic can be separated with high accuracy. Material thicknesses which can be processed range from thin foils up to 5 mm.

The production of individualized jewelry with lasers is quite simple. Any contour can be created on the computer within only a few minutes and transferred directly to the material.
Cutting dies are no longer necessary.


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