Laser Seam Tracking


Advantage of Laser Seam Tracking automated scanner and sensor system for robotic module. As well as processor, camera to control welding and hybrid use.


Laser Seam Tracking

LASER SEAM TRACKING The MDL/E™ is an intelligent modular laser welding system that integrates two high-precision 3D laser-cameras and a high quality industrially proven laser beam delivery head (up to 30kW) into one compact rugged package to perform real-time seam tracking, weld inspection and process control. It performs seam tracking of the joint and inspection of the weld bead simultaneously.

Laser Seam Tracking Component

Applications: TWB laser welding of automobile body and chassis components on various materials, laser brazing of car body and trunk lid, laser welding of aerospace components and general industry sheet metal parts.

Real-time Quality Control Module for Laser Welding Applications This advanced module offers real-time quality control for laser welding applications. It achieves this through a combination of innovative features


The MDL/E™ represents a significant leap forward in intelligent modular laser welding systems. This compact and rugged package integrates two high-precision 3D laser-cameras and, crucially, a high-quality, industrially proven laser beam delivery head (up to 30kW). This powerful combination enables the system to perform not only real-time seam tracking but also weld inspection and process control. The MDL/E™ seamlessly handles linear or curved TWB welding on CNC machines or articulated robots. Furthermore, it offers the unique capability of performing seam tracking of the joint simultaneously with inspection of the weld bead. This eliminates the need for separate inspection steps, saving valuable time and resources.

Adaptive Process Control

Laser Seam Tracking and Adaptive Process Control – a revolutionary duo poised to redefine laser welding. This technology leverages not only real-time seam visualization but also advanced algorithms to dynamically adjust laser power, focus, and travel speed. This combined approach ensures consistent weld quality across your operations.

Precise part to part variation measurement and adjustment of tool position in real-time.

Patented technology to compensate for repeatable errors of robots and NC machines.

Tracking of complex 2D and 3D trajectories with curve radius down to 35 mm.

Drastically minimize the set up time by reducing the number of points to teach.

Closed loop servo-controlled high-speed actuators to precisely correct the 3D trajectory according to the joint position.

Adaptive process control in real time based on joint geometry (optional).

High-precision cold wire feeding system to weld joints with wider gap (optional).


LWD Application

Detect pinholes down to 0.3 mm on laser weld



Profile of same thickness shared material butt joint with 0.2 mm gap

Process Control System

Building upon the foundation of real-time seam tracking, Laser Seam Tracking Process Control System takes this technology a step further. This cutting-edge technology utilizes real-time laser feedback to dynamically adjust weld parameters, guaranteeing unparalleled seam accuracy and repeatability.

Real-time Quality Control Module for Laser Welding Applications This advanced module offers real-time quality control for laser welding applications. It achieves this through a combination of innovative features

Temperature measurement (700-2600 °C): The system provides precise temperature readings of the molten weld pool, ranging from 700 to 2600 °C.

Back reflection analysis of the molten weld pool: In conjunction with temperature measurement, the system analyzes the back reflection of the laser beam from the molten pool. This analysis provides valuable insights into the weld pool dynamics and potential defects.

Correlation between weld pool data and 3D data: The system correlates the temperature and back reflection data from the weld pool with the 3D geometry of the joint being welded. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the welding process and helps identify any deviations from the desired parameters.

Coaxial video monitoring of the process: Additionally, the module incorporates a coaxial video monitoring system that provides a real-time visual representation of the welding process. This allows for visual confirmation of the weld quality and can be used to identify any surface defects.



Weld Position Monitoring


Inspection VS Tracking

Color Video Monitoring

EIT lasertechnik Laser Seamtracking

Laser Seam Tracking the precision of laser technology to dynamically adjust welding parameters in real-time

Laser Seam Tracking is not just a technological marvel; it offers superior weld quality, increased productivity, and reduced costs. In fact, Laser Seam Tracking is paving the way for a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable future for welding.


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