Laser rust removal, a type of laser cleaning, is an effective process for cleaning up metal parts. Using a fiber laser cleaning system, rust and other contaminants can be quickly and completely removed without damaging the metal underneath.

Laser rust removal is a great alternative to manual and chemical cleaning methods since rust is removed with greater precision and lower recurring costs. It’s also a great way to reduce your environmental impact


Get Rid of consumable

Get Rid of Consumables & Go Green

As a green technology, laser cleaning replaces methods that remove rust with consumables or chemicals. It’s the only solution that meets environmental protection regulations. Plus, pulsed fiber lasers have low power consumption.

Laser cleaning does generate a small amount of dust in the air. It can be vacuumed instantly with a dust extraction system, which we provide and preconfigure for you if needed.

Elimiante manual labor

Eliminate Manual Labor

Spending a mass amount of manual labor to clean every single part is inefficient. It is expensive and can be performed more efficiently with robots. Eliminate manual labor through laser cleaning, a technology that can easily be fully or semi-automated.

You can either choose a standard turnkey solution or partner us up with your system integrator for a solution customized for your plant.

Minimize Maintenance

Minimize Maintenance

Everyone who uses abrasive blasting faces the same problem: their machine is constantly interrupted. Whether it’s for the presence of sand, the nozzle’s condition or its replacement, blasting machines require regular monitoring and maintenance.

Laser rust removal is a non-contact method that continuously removes rust while drastically lowering maintenance costs

safe workplace

Create a Safe Workplace

Lasers in manufacturing environments are extremely safe when integrated with a dust extraction system and a Class-1 laser safety enclosure.

With these things in place, operators who are near the laser system don’t need personal protective equipment for respiratory, hearing or body protection. In addition, they no longer handle dangerous materials. 

Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser Spare part