Color Ablation/Depainting

Color Ablation/ Depainting

Efficient Removal of Colors and Lacquers

When components must be selectively delivered from colors or lacquers for repair works or subsequent processes such as welding, brazing, bonding or forming, the laser ablations provides with high performances a contact-free, surface protecting method. The layers that need to be removed evaporate in the process with particular pulses of the laser in q-switch operation and are disposed by considerate extraction systems. With a medium laser output power of 800 Watt and pulses of up to 120 mJ at the workpiece, we provide with the DQ laser the so far highest power system on the market and thus allows the efficient removal of colors and lacquers. Fiber optics of up to 35 m length can be combined with manual or robot systems or with high resolution axes systems and therefore provide a flexible use of the laser beam source depending on the application.