Laser Scribing

Laser Scribing Eases the Further Mechanical Processing

Laser scribing ist used for forming kerfs, e. g. for rated break points for separating semiconductors and ceramics. Depending on the material, scribing speeds of max. several meters per second can be achieved. Applications are found in the photovoltaics, electronics and packaging industries. For packaging, laser scribing with CO2 lasers realizes selective weakening of individual layers of packaging films. This is the foundation for controlled tear contours and easy opening.

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  • Laser scribing of printed packaging material to ease the opening of the formed and filled packaging. Tools for opening a packaging belong to the past.For this application we recommend our laser perforating systems for flexible packaging
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  • nother approach and similar to a wafer saw is to scribe to a depth of 40- 60% of the cross section. To separate the wafer, a subsequent snapping, either manual or fully-automated, is required. Advantage of laser scribing process is that the p-n junction on the front side is not being touched and compared to wafer saws the laser requires much less running cost. Typical scribing speeds are in the range of 300-700 mm/s.