Tube and Profile Welding

Tube and Profile Welding

ScannerWelding of tube bundles for exhaust gas coolers

  • ScannerWelding has become indispensable for the daily work in the automotive industry. Besides the 3D scanner-welding, many automotive sub supplier are also using the 2D scanner-welding for processing less complex components, e.g. welding of tube bundles for exhaust gas coolers. The heat exchanger shown in the picture has been welded by one of our fiber lasers.

 in combination with a robot enables the fast and high dynamic welding of complex 3-dimensional automotive parts.

  • Very small spots or short seams can be welded at high speed with scanner technology.
  • seams replace attachment screws.

Tube and Profile Welding

Tube and Profile Welding

Optimal Welding of Tubes and Profiles with the Laser

Whether drinking water pipeline or hydro formed heat exchange stainless steel tubes, whether frame carriers or side impact protection in cars – every day thousands of kilometres of profiles or tubes are cut or welded with diverse beam qualities.

Compared to conventional WIG welds the laser welding of tubes and profiles allow clearly higher process speeds. The narrow laser seams feature low heat inputs, which arises amongst others in a small heat input zone, a low combustion behavior resp. a minimal de-combustion of alloying elements. The fine-grained structure of the welding seam allows high deformation degrees even without the heat treatment that often is necessary during WIG welding.

  • Tubes that have been welded with the Profile Welding System (PWS) withstand enormous stress levels and are characterized by good form ability and high corrosion resistance. During the laser welding process high positioning accuracy at welding speeds up to 60m/min are achieved.
  • In addition to tubes, profiles can be laser welded safely and quickly. Profiles are used to great advantage e.g. in the automotive industry or in the building technology sector.
  • Linear motion systems are used within the automotive industry for the horizontal adjustment of front car seats but the system can also be found in every household for example when opening most drawers.  Such linear motion systems normally consist of two profiles: one that functions as a moveable inner rail and the second profile as stationary outer rail.
  • Laser welded profiles are used for example as spacers, creating a linear thermal bridge of considerable length within the window component, thereby optimizing the insulation. For this purpose, profiles of stainless steel or composite materials with wall thicknesses from 0.3 – 0.6 mm are welded by the Profile Welding System with one of our fiber lasers.
  • Tubes made of composite materials (e.g. polymer-metal compound) are perfectly suited for transporting corrosive media such as fluids. Contrary to TIG Welding, laser welding is characterized by high process stability and high process speeds. Among others, composite tubes are used in heating systems, sanitary installations, climate-controlled floors or in heat exchangers in power plants.
  • Laser welded stainless steel tubes are manufactured in serial production out of austenitic and ferritic steels. Due to their high corrosion resistance they are used for example in the chemical industry or in apparatus construction and plant engineering.  With conventional methods like TIG welding it is difficult to weld ferritic steel because of the forming of coarse grains that are counterproductive when it comes to reliable welding seams. The fine-grained structure of the laser welded seam, enables high degrees of deformation. Another advantage is the processing speed that is up to three times faster than when welding with conventional methods..
  • Laser welded precision micro tubes of a material thickness of 0.100 mm are used in the areas of medicine and aerospace among others. Thanks to the Profile Welding System, tubes with diameters starting at 2.3 mm can be produced with the highest quality.
  • Due to their high corrosion resistance, laser welded stainless steel tubes out of austenitic and ferritic steels are also used for drinking water pipes
  • Welding of extremely resilient and corrosion resistant tubes out of duplex-steels (austenitic and ferritic textures) for sub-sea pipelines which in the inner core include different media such as supply lines, cables or optical fibers.
  • Laser welded tubes and profiles can be found in different areas of the automotive industry – e.g. within the exhaust systems, as injection pipes or as fuel lines. The fine-grained structure of the welding seam, enables high degrees of deformation to be attained without interstage annealing that is required when using a with TIG welding process.

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