Scanner Welding

Scanner Welding Scanner-Welding of tube bundles for exhaust gas coolers

Scanner Welding
ScannerWelding of tube bundles for exhaust gas coolers


Scanner Welding

No Time Loss by Movement of Workpieces or Processing Heads

The scanner technology is an attractive alternative to moving the processing head or the workpiece for the beam positioning. The laser beam is deflected and positioned by one or two galvanometric rotating mirrors. The focusing is effected after the deflection unit via a focusing lens in front of the scanner head. Depending on the complexity of the workpiece, we offer laser solutions for 2D or 3D scannerwelding.

Due to the flexible beam guidance of the fiber laser, robot, scanner and fiber laser are forming a perfect team for those application tasks.

Compared to moving workpiece axes the scannerwelding realizes a much higher processing speed with typically lower investment costs. Less complex, two-dimensional parts can be easily welded with a standard scanner head and one of our fiber laser. As the scanner control is integrated into the fiber laser, there is no need for additional, external control or monitoring systems.

For the robotically guided multi-spot welding of complex three-dimensional workpieces, we offer solutions with highly dynamic and fast beam deflection systems and all the technical requirements for a flexible, operator friendly and efficient machining process.

ScannerWelding of tube bundles for exhaust gas coolers

  • ScannerWelding has become indispensable for the daily work in the automotive industry. Besides the 3D scanner-welding, many automotive sub supplier are also using the 2D scanner-welding for processing less complex components, e.g. welding of tube bundles for exhaust gas coolers. The heat exchanger shown in the picture has been welded by one of our fiber lasers.

 in combination with a robot enables the fast and high dynamic welding of complex 3-dimensional automotive parts.


  • Very small spots or short seams can be welded at high speed with scanner technology.
  • seams replace attachment screws.

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