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Laser cladding

Laser cladding laser and alloy powder

Also known as laser surfacing, the use of high-energy laser as a heat source, metal alloy powder as a welding material, through the laser and alloy powder on the metal surface of the rapid fusion to form a dense, uniform and the thickness of the metallurgical combination of alloy layer. The material and hardness of the laser cladding layer can be flexibly adjusted as needed. The cladding material: iron, nickel and cobalt.

Features: metallurgical bonding strength, low dilution rate (generally less than 5%), hardness control, thickness control, small deformation, less stress, dense tissue.

Applications: Widely used in power plant desulfurization and denitrification equipment, petrochemical equipment, coal chemical industry,

fine chemicals, fluorine chemicals, chlor-alkali, PTA, aviation manufacturing, environmental protection, desalination, water treatment, mold industry, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery , Papermaking machinery, heat exchange equipment, electrochemistry, metallurgy, offshore platform, nuclear power, shipbuilding, cement manufacturing, salt, medical equipment, sports leisure and plate heat exchanger, bellows expansion joint compensator and other industries

Laser Surface heat treatment technology

(Laser Quenching)

  • Using high-energy laser as a heat source, through the laser on the metal surface fast hot and cold, and instantly complete the quenching process, get high hardness, ultra-fine martensite, improve the surface hardness and wear resistance, and the formation of compressive stress on the surface, to improve fatigue strength.
  • Features: hardness higher than the conventional quenching hardness, the workpiece deformation is minimal, the formation of residual compressive stress, can significantly improve the workpiece surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, green (no water, oil and other quenching solution).

Laser alloying

Laser surface alloying is the use of high-energy density of the laser beam rapid heating and melting characteristics of the substrate surface and the prefabricated ultra-fine metal or sprayed on the surface of the metal ceramic coating melting and mixing, thus forming a new base based on the original substrate Of the surface alloy layer.

Features: fine organization, high wear resistance, no follow-up processing, low cost, small deformation, speed, process plasticity.

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