Advantages of 3D Robotic Laser Machine for Metal with Fiber Laser Source

Advantages of 3D Robotic Laser Machine 3D ROBOT LASER WELDING for Metal with Fiber Laser Source Robotic arm will assist the 3D laser machine to make flexible 3D dynamic of multi-dimensional and multi-angle for metals
with different thickness.


    • The 3D Robot Laser Welding machine is perfectly integrated with the world
      famous robot and fiber laser technology, which
      can realize the maximizing automated production. It will represent the
      supreme laser technology.

    • 6 axis co-ordination makes a large working area, which will reach
      a long distance, in addition, it has great ability of spanning and high
      load-bearing capacity to ensure the process along 3D path
      within the working space.

    • Due to slim robot wrist and the compact structure, so the 3D robotic
      laser machine can realize high performance operation in a limited

    • Laser speed can be adjusted to achieve the best machining
      precision with high yield.

    • Long lifespan, long routine maintenance intervals, low-noise.

    • The robotic arm can be controlled by handheld terminal.




    • ABR: Proprietary ABR technology, delivers robust performance in both cutting and welding the highly reflective materials (such as Aluminum, copper and brass)

    • SPP : Proprietary SPP technology to enable initial pulse with peak
      power 3.5 times of rated out put, enables superior piercing

    • SMART: Proprietary SMART technology, comprehensive network, multi level protection, and the integrated IOT technology for increased reliability and enormous value-adding services

Technical Advantages


    • High electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency, >42%

    • Proven components from renowned global providers to ensure the system reliability

    • High brightness, lowest Kg/KW

    • Real Time monitor and control, micro-second response time

    • Optimized design to offer the best protection against dust, humaidity and ambient temperature

    • variation, to ensure the best reliability even in harsh environment

    • The Most compact industrial laser, optimized mechanical design

    • Heat input control with. Intelligence

    • Temperature measuring sensor

Smart Cloud HMI

Build upon years of experience, the proprietary
control HMI offer abundant features and real time
laser health monitors, automatic self integrity test
and failure diagnosis.
SMATLas series fiber lasers offer various interfaces,
including direct A/D control, RS232, ModBus, EtherNet,
Wi-Fi Build-in LearCtrl HMI and the companying mobile
APP offer remote internet monitors.

Smart HMI for 3d robot laser welding

digital io communication

DIGITAL I/O Communication

Our Laser Provides Industrial digital input (DI)
and digital output (DO) signals
(also called binary signals)
typically range from 0 to 24 V
to Communicate on/off Status
between Laser and Remote devices
Robot controller /PLC


When welding frequency is more than 20KHz,The spatter is greatly improved ,with increasing
of frequency ,the improvement is much better , weld-seam is more uniform,effectively improve
welding stability.
MIN Pulse frequency1Hz.
QCW MAX Pulse Frequency 100kHz.
With the increasing frequency ,the dent of welding surface is significantly reduced ,and welding line
are shaped more smoothly and evenly.

Laser deep welding feature is keyhole effect, as the beam is moving, holes move inside of material, the beam constantly stirs the molten metal
to form a high-quality welding line, under the protections of auxiliary gas, laser power output stability, frequency, duty, protection gas type and
pressure, plasma during welding, defocus, etc. all important factors during welding molding


With the development of fiber laser technology, single-cavity, high-brightness, high-power fiber
lasers solve the limitations of optical problems. When select pumping sources, the pump
absorption efficiency of the active fiber for the 976nm band is 2 to 3times of the 915nm band; using
976nm pump technology, due to higher absorption efficiency it can effectively solve the problem of
non-linear effects caused by active optical fiber passing, and it is undoubtedly the best solution

976nm pump technology is difficult ,but it is comparable to the 30% WPE of the 915nm pump tech. with 976nm Tech due to the increase of the optical conversion efficiency ,the 976nm pump tech electrical-optical conversion efficiency up to 42%, and exceed 50% under the best condition.


Monitoring the Surface temperature with real time
response non-contact Technology with New high
temperature and ultra long range.
The most important laser surface treating
Process Metallurgical / Laser Welding is
phase transformation
with real-time temperature control / monitor
Which will lead to a transformation of
Crystalling structure of Metal can be controlled.


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