Laser Paint Removal

Laser paint removal is a process through which a paint layer is removed from a surface without damaging the substrate. It’s also known as laser coating removal and de-coating. The laser beam is pulsed onto the part with a precise energy density: it is higher than the paint ablation threshold but lower than the substrate ablation threshold. As the paint is vaporized, the surface is left intact.

The process can be applied to any metals, although the most typical applications are steel and aluminum. It can be used for most types of coatings, including powder coating, e-coating, and phosphate coating. Laser cleaning can also be used for other applications like mold cleaning, rust removal, and surface preparation.


Damaging metal surfaces while removing paint is costly. It can increase your scrap rate or diminish the life span of your structures. Unlike other paint removal methods, laser surface cleaning can be fine-tuned for paint removal—and only that.

Replace Part Masking


Manufacturers spend too much time and labor masking parts. This slows down the coating process and often leads to quality issues.

The most effective solution for high-volume productions is to first apply the coating to the entire part, then to selectively remove the paint from a localized area.

Production Line


Automotive manufacturers reported to us that up to 5% of their parts such as wheels, brake pads, and fenders have minor paint defects during the manufacturing process. Scrapping those parts is expensive.

Laser paint stripping is a great solution for high-volume productions. As opposed to abrasive blasting, laser cleaning is completely automated and doesn’t need maintenance between parts.

This eliminates preparation time for each part, which reduces the average time spent on each part. As a result, paint removal isn’t the bottleneck in your production line. 

The laser system can easily be mounted for all types of paint lines to selectively remove paint from specific areas such as welding joints. It can also be mounted to move through and clean your paint line’s posts, fixtures and so on.

Refurbishing Application


Expensive equipment must be treated with caution to avoid diminishing its life span. Laser paint stripping is a great choice for refurbishing expensive structures such as electrical towers and power plants (e.g., nuclear, hydro, or gas). It’s also great for vehicles such as planes, ships, submarines, and

Paint with Micron Precision


Paint stripping applications that demand precision cannot be performed by manual blasting. Laser cleaning works in a different order of magnitude than abrasive blasting methods: its precision is calculated in microns. It delivers the accuracy you need for applications like logo etching and data matrix etching (also known as marking by removing).

Laser Cleaning Machine

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