Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting in electronic

Laser Cutting in the Electronic Industry

Flexible and Suitable for Composites

Thanks to our large offering of different beam sources, we are able to offer an efficient cutting solution for almost every material in the electronic industry. Beam deflection with galvo scanning heads allows any complex contours that can be reprogrammed to be cut in the shortest time. As opposed to other cutting processes, the laser cannot wear out, which assures the continuous processing quality that is so important for steady production process.

  • Compared to water jet cutting, laser cutting is three times more cost effective at comparable performance. End pumped lasers with 532 nm wavelength achieve the best cutting quality


  • Quick and precise cutting of fiber optic reinforced synthetic resin plates with a CO2 laser.


  • Precise laser cutting of smallest metal workpieces for the electronic industry.

Laser Cutting Machine

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