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Laser Cutting in the Electronic Industry

Flexible and Suitable for Composites

Thanks to our large offering of different beam sources, we are able to offer an efficient cutting solution for almost every material in the electronic industry. Beam deflection with galvo scanning heads allows any complex contours that can be reprogrammed to be cut in the shortest time. As opposed to other cutting processes, the laser cannot wear out, which assures the continuous processing quality that is so important for steady production process.

Laser Cutting in Automotive Industry

Custom-Made Solutions

Automotive manufacturers utilize the advantages of laser cutting, such as the high quality of cutting edges, the low heat input into the material as well as the high processing speeds when working with a variety of work pieces around the car. Thereby, a variety of materials is processed: Besides a multitude of metals also materials such as airbag cloth and composites for interior room parts are cut with the laser. Owing to the good possibility of automation, also complex work piece geometries and various cutting edges can be easily generated.

Laser Cutting in Semiconductor Industry

In semiconductor industry lasers are used for leadframe cutting or hybrid cutting processes. The scanner-based cutting technology is fast and flexible enough to interact closely with preceding functional tests. With extremely small kerf widths even the tiniest lead structures can be processed.

Separation of certain highly integrated packagings, like QFN packages, requires cutting of composite material – e.g. leadframe and mold compound. A combination of soft and hard material which makes mechanical sawing slow and prone to wear. In contrast, hybrid cutting with our lasers open up new vistas for clean and fast cutting of this type of composite materials.