Precision Laser welding Description

Precision Laser welding Description

]Tool open Maximum Flexibility position system

Working Table 4Axis 6 degree of Freedom X-Y-Y Maximum load 500kg (PLC control)Precision Laser welding is an excellent tool for welding metal alloy.The wide range of application includes stainless steel gold silver titanium aluminium and hot&cold work tool steel.

The Pulse Yag Oscillator 200-800 watt Power

  • Closed loop power control
  • Flexible Pulse shaping
  • Protection Circuit Power Electronics


Lasers for welding

Only a few of the many types of lasers that have been developed are useful for welding
applications. The main requirement is that the laser be able to produce sufficiently high levels of
radiant power to melt the material to be welded.
Properties of the laser must be carefully chosen to fit a specific welding application. These
1. The wavelength of the laser light should be absorbed well by the workpiece.
2. The power available must be high enough to produce melting.
4 Optics and Photonics Series, Photonics-Enabled Technologies: Manufacturing
3. The pulse duration for pulsed lasers must be long enough to permit penetration of heat
into the material.
4. The pulse repetition rate for pulsed lasers must be high enough to weld a seam if seam
welding is required.

Laser Welding Machine

Laser Spare Part