Technical Data Universal Laser Welding

Technical Data EIT Lasertechnik Welding Machine

Technical Data EIT Lasertechnik Welding Machine

Nd:YAG Laser is One of Solid State Lasers The Host Material Nd:YAG is a Complex Crystal of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) With the Chemical Composition Y 3 Al 5 O12
The YAG Crystal has a relatively High Thermal Conductivity which Improves
Thermal Dissipation in The Laser Cavity So Continuous Wave Operation up to A Few hundred Watts is Possible When Operated in a Pulsed Mode High Pulsing Rate can be achieved and Average Power of up to 1kW are Available.

chematic of Nd YAG Laser
EIT Lasertechnik in Welding Application ,a Repetitively Pulse
Laser Beam is conveyed to the Working Region through a
0.2-2 mm Diameter Output Laser Beam Pulse Frequency and Shape can be tailored by Power negative FeedBack Mode that produce an Excellent Beam Quality .

technical data universal Laser welding

Despription Universal Laser welding Machine

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