Laser Cleaning


Cleaning Components from Process-Related Deposits Q-switched lasers with high powers allow the wear-free and selective cleansing of molds and tools from process residues like carbon black, silicone, rubber, vulcanization residues or oils and fat.

Cleaning Components from Process-Related Deposits

This treatment is often necessary to prepare the surfaces for subsequent production steps like the painting or welding. Here, the contact-free working laser provides a processing without any mechanical, chemical or unauthorized thermal load on the carrier material.

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  • Residual materials on workpieces, injection molds, and cast parts can easily be removed with the laser. Laser cleaning removes residue and layers of build-up by vaporization. It is an absolutely eco-friendly alternative to conventional method
  • Application:

    Combination of component, pretreatment
    of welding surface, metal surface stripping
    (full surface stripping or designated parts
    stripping), and cleaning of various industrial
    products or molds.

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  • High-power short laser pulses remove oil and build-up by selective decoating. The original part surfaces are neither damaged nor melted. Our lasers allow a non-abrasive removal of oils, grease and rust.
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  • The HighLight FL1000P is used for cleaning of railroad tracks among others. Organic layers are cleared, e. g. wet leaves which may lengthen braking distance of the train

Laser Surface Treatment

Laser Spare Part