Technical Data EITlasertechnik welding machine Nd:Yag Laser is On of solid state lasers the host material Nd:Yag is a complex crystal of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) with the Chemical Composition Y3 AL 5 O12
The Yag Crystal ha a relatively high thermal conductivity which improves thermal dissipation in the Laser Cavity so continuous wave operation up to a few hundred Watts is possible when operated in a pulse mode high pulsing rate can be achieved and average power of up to 1kw are available

Schematic of Nd: Yag Laser

EITlasertechnik in welding application respectively Pulse Laser beam is conveyed to the working region through a 0.2-2 mm diameter output

Laser beam pulse frequency and shape can be tailored by power negative feedback mode that produce an excellent beam quality


EIT Power Feedback mode


EIT wave form cpu memory setting


EIT Pulse shaping mode

Technical Data Model
Type                                    Pulse Nd:Yag
Nominal Output Power (W) 200 300 500
Pulse Peak Energy (W) 9 9 15
Pulse Energy Max (J) 90 120 150
Pulse Width (ms) 0.5-20
Pulse Frequency (Hz) 1-50
WaveLength (nm)  1064
Focusing Distance (mm) 100 200 300
Spot Diameter (mm) 0.2-2.0
Pulse Shapping Programme 50 parameter
Observation Method Leica Microscope with CCD Camera
Dimension 200A 300A 500A
Laser Oscillator Controller
(L x W x H) [mm]
Laser Head (L x W x H) [mm] 900x120x120
Work Table (L x W x H) [mm] 800x600x1500
Cooling Air Water Heat Exchanger with Flow and Temperature |Controller Special Function Distilled water Conductivity Transducer
Electrical System 380 VAC 50Hz (3UVW +N PE )
Motion System High payload and High Resolution Linear Motor System X-500mm Y-500mm Y-500mm Z-1000mm  A Rotary -360 Degree with 3Jaw Chuck 100mm Diameter Table Work Load 500kg Max
Degree of Freedom 6 Degree. (+- 90  Degree Tilting Head -Sliding Laser Head Arm X Axis- Y Axis X Motorized- Y Motorized -Z Motorized -A Rotary Motorized)
EIT Controller Programmable Logic Controller 40 I/O with HMI Interface Colour Touchscreen