Laser Cladding & Harderning

Laser cladding & hardening is a to restore the
service life
of critical components used in shipping industry
,energy industry
heavy industry ,refineries For Example
*Steam Turbine(rotor journal,sealing strips,blades,
*Turbocharger rotors(compressor impellers,blades,
nozzle rings)
*Rotating machinery
*Compressor machinery
*4 Strokes pistons
*Engine components(Crank shaft,cam shaft)
*Pump Components
*Hydraulics components

Description Technical Data

The Most Advanced technology for restoration
of worn components

*High Strength Metallugical bond
*No Distortion
*Improved Lifetime of components
*Low Dilution between Track and Substrate
*High Cooling Rate>>Fine Microstructure
*Fast Processing Time
*Variety of Materials processed
*Built part is free of crack and porosity

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