Plasma Surface Treatment

  • Certain applications it is essential that completely clean and oxide-free surfaces are achieved.
  • Before sputtering processes
  • Before lacquering processes
  • Before gluing
  • Before printing
  • In PVD and CVD Coating (CVD / PVD)
  • In special medical applications
  • Before bonding soldering of conductor plates

1.2) Cleaning of plastics

1.3) Cleaning of glass and Ceramic

  1. Activation

2.1 Activation of Metals

  1. a) Soldering under vacuum: no flux is required
  2. b) Long-term stored electrical components, which have oxidized over time. Oxidation can be eliminated by hydrogen plasma.



Often organic contaminants, in example, residual of Electroplating processes, of adhesives, of flux residuals. disturb bonding. this can be removed by plasma. (oxide layers can worsen the bonding process.)

  1. Activation of plastics

Polypropylene of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) are themselves of homopolar structure. This means that plastics have to be pre-treated before printing lacquering and gluing.

Glass and ceramics and to be treated similarly be oxigen plasma.


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Plasma Surface Technology
1. Cleaning of Surfaces (Before Bonding,Soldering Orgluing)

2. Activation of Surfaces ( before printing ,Vanishing,Orgluing)
3.Etching of surfaces(before microsturucturing of silicon or etching of PTFE) blust
4.Deposition of surface -Plasma polymerization. (deposit of hydrophobic/hydrophilic

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