Laser Welding in the Machine Tool Industry

Laser Welding – a Safe Connection

Compared to conventional welding methods the laser welding offers diverse advantages. Due to the great possibility of automatization, the contact-free processing and high welding speeds the user will be able to achieve economical advantages quickly. Today, for example heat exchange panels or tubes, diamond saw blades or pinions are welded with the laser.

Laser welding seams resist even the biggest strain and therefore allow for example the shaping of longitudinally welded tubes. Static load tests with such tubes show that cracks come up initially at non-welded parts of the material.

Welding of Tubes and Profiles

  • Contact-free and maintenance-free laser welding of tubes and profiles with max. speeds of 60 m/min. These tubes are for example used for plant and apparatus construction as well as in the chemical industry.

Diverse Welding Applications

  • Lasers weld safely, quickly and economically – no matter if pinions or heat exchangers.