Laser Marking

Maximum Performance, Minimal Character Heights

Lasers mark all materials commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing: semiconductors, metals, polymers,  silicon, mold compounds and epoxy resins. Depending on the type of material and on how much marking  flexibility is required, diode pumped solid state lasers in fundamental (1062 nm), second (532 nm) or third (355 nm) harmonic wavelength are used.

The laser marking of silicon wafers and PCBs facilitates traceability of the manufacturing process. Marks must be machine-readable, miniaturized and have no negative influence on the further manufacturing steps and still permit clear identification at the end of the process chain. In many cases the laser marking systems have to meet clean room specifications.

When the finished semiconductor components are marked, mostly on mold compound or metal housings, maximum speed is what counts. Our semiconductor marking solutions achieve marking speeds up to 1600 characters/second. Even at a character height of 0.2 mm and line widths of less than 30 µm they still ensure best readability. Precise laser control and high pulse frequencies allow high-contrast markings with controlled material penetration depths of less than 25 µm/1 mil.