Laser Marking in Automotive Engineering

Solutions for Almost any Kind of Material

Steel, light alloys, plastics, composite materials, natural fibers – modern compact cars are assembled of more than 1.0000 parts made of various materials. Many of them have to bear unique markings due to quality assurance and traceability requirements. The markings must outlast a whole car‘s life and even withstand exposure to oil, fuel, or high temperatures.

On most of the materials used in automotive engineering, laser markers can add durable markings with high contrast. Laser markers are used in stand-alone-solutions for marking small parts with high throughput as well as completely integrated into production lines. The flexible, software-controlled process allows individualized marking contents of any kind.

Day&Night Marking

  • Day & night laser marking of plastic parts is widely-used in automotive industry and consumer electronics. The laser marker selectively removes specific lacquer layers from multilayer-coated transparent parts. Due to its great flexibility and the low production costs, laser day & night marking has almost completely replaced two-component injection molding.

Label Marking

  • When direct marking of the workpiece is not applicable, label marking will be used. Within seconds, the laser marks specially developed labels just-in-time with alphanumeric text, serial numbers and barcodes. Marking contents and label shapes are freely programmable. After marking, the labels are cut out without damaging the carrier foil.

Tire Marking

  • CO2 lasers engrave serial numbers, matrix codes and other alphanumeric information into tires. This allows tire manufacturers and customers to identify individual products even many years after production. The laser markings are abrasion-proof and do not affect the tire structure in any way.