Laser Cutting in Automotive Industry

Custom-Made Solutions

Automotive manufacturers utilize the advantages of laser cutting, such as the high quality of cutting edges, the low heat input into the material as well as the high processing speeds when working with a variety of work pieces around the car. Thereby, a variety of materials is processed: Besides a multitude of metals also materials such as airbag cloth and composites for interior room parts are cut with the laser. Owing to the good possibility of automation, also complex work piece geometries and various cutting edges can be easily generated.

Laser Cutting of Carriage Components

  • Due to modern robotics in combination with solid-state lasers and fiber optics necessary cut-outs such as apertures for antennas or right-left-rods can also be applied at complex automobile geometries.

Laser Cutting of hydroformed Parts

  • Laser cutting in complex 3D processing cells of work pieces formed through internal high pressure has already been a standard application for a long time in ancillary industry.

Laser Cutting of Composite Material

  • Today, door lining, coverings and ceilings are processed as three-dimensional work pieces through extrusion, lamination and forming. It is the laser’s task to finally trim the work piece for exact dimensions, to facilitate apertures and holes as well as perforations for the subsequent manufacturing steps.

Laser Cutting of Airbags

  • Laser cutting of airbag cloth has the advantage that besides the fast cuts the cloth is melted at the cutting edges immediately, which avoids fraying.

Laser Cutting of Roller Blinds in the Luxury Car Segment

  • Flexible roller blinds out of wood are mainly used in the luxury car segment and are cut with our CO2 lasers.