Laser Ablation

Removal of Thin Layers

Selective laser ablation is applied where individual layers have to be ablated without significantly damaging the layers or substrates below. The ablation geometry can be spot or line shaped or two-dimensional.

Laser Ablation Applications

Examples can be found in many areas of industrial manufacturing

Laser Ablation for Structuring of Thin-Layers

  • Lasers with best beam quality (TEM00) and very high repetition rates of up to 200 kHz are used for the ablation of 20–50 microns wide scribe lines at process speeds of up to 2000 mm/s without damaging the glass substrate or the layers beneath.

Laser Ablation of Polymer Layers

  • Ablation of polymer layers out in a polymer-metal compound for realizing electromagnetic shielded housings. The polymer-conductor-compound is injection molded and then the pre.defined layers is ablated by a CO2laser. The exposed metal fabrics provide conductive contact to surrounding housing parts